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F/V All For Joy Salvage

After the F/V All For Joy took on water in the heavy seas, the crew was removed by the USCG and the vessel capsized. She floated upside down until she grounded in 50 feet of water, with the stern in the mud and the bow on surface with a bubble of air trapped inside. Because of her instability and entanglement hazards, the vessel required parbuckling before she could be defueled. In this case, the vessel needed to be parbuckled lengthwise - an "end over parbuckle." To provide side-to-side stabilization outrigger anchors were deployed, and a bridal wire was run around the vessel's bow and connected to a tug, then slowly winched in. After the trapped air was released, the vessel could be dewatered; she was fully lightered and refloated. She was towed to a nearby shipyard and defueled and returned to her owner once cleared by the USCG. 

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