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Outfall Riser Repair

In 2018, Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc. was contracted by Indian Lake Property Owners Association to remove an existing 60” corrugated metal trashrack from the 42” outfall riser pipe and replace it with a new assembly on the community’s private lake. The new 60” assembly included an expanded metal cage bolted to the top to help prevent accumulation of debris. 

Two years later in 2020, Mainstream was once again contracted by Indian Lake to repair the leaking 42” outfall overflow pipe. Once the 60” trashrack and screen cage was removed to access the damaged section, the 42” vertical pipe was wrapped using a fiberglass jacket. Epoxy grout was poured into annular space between the 42” pipe and jackets and the crew then reinstalled the 60” trashrack assembly.   

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