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Southport Marina

On August 3rd, Category 1 Hurricane Isaias made its way through the East Coast leaving behind a trail of destruction in its path. Sitting in the path of the storm was Southport Marina located in Southport, NC. The marina was extremely damaged and in need of an immediate response to mitigate further environmental impact. 

Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc. was contacted by Marcol Dredging to provide dive and vessel support as directed to facilitate the removal of hazards both above and below the waterline. The debris included docks that had been destroyed as well as sunken vessels. Multiple dock sections and debris were scattered in the nearby protected wetlands by the storm. The Mainstream team onsite worked with local authorities to remove the docks and debris with minimal damage to the marina's surrounding wetlands. 

After a four-man dive team was on-site for the near two-month project, all debris was removed and properly disposed of, and the marina was able to start the process of rebuilding.   

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