Mainstream Diving Division
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Outfall Construction

Mainstream was hired as a subcontractor to provide professional commercial diving support services for the construction of a new 30” steel outfall line for an industrial facility on the Tennessee River.

Prior to the construction phase, divers performed an underwater inspection to verify the condition and orientation of the existing line that was pulled in using the horizontally directional drilled method.

Once the construction of the outfall began, Mainstream was tasked with various services including inspecting and preparing six anchor positions by means of dredging, jetting, and breaking up bedrock; setting and ensuring correct orientation and elevation of the anchor positions; installation of saddle guide brackets for adjusting the pipe saddle elevations; installation and adjustments of the flanged diffuser pipe sections and diffusers; burning and removal of access I-beams; and the installation and tightening of flange bolts. Personnel also assisted in laying riprap armoring and installing SUBMAR mats for scour protection.

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