Mainstream Diving Division
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Crane & Barge Rental

Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc. has an extensive array of specialized equipment including a 30-ton rough terrain crane, as well as, modular customizable floating work platforms. 

Truckable Barge Sections

Mainstream's truckable barge sections are ideal for heavy equipment and floating workspace. 

  • Available in 10' x 20' x 5' deep sections
  • Pin together design allows for easy configuration of any size 
  • Additional equipment is also available: 
    • Anchoring spuds (40' and 60')
    • Drive on ramps
    • Mooring bits
    • Anchoring system for deep water (3,600 lb anchors and hydraulic winch system)
30-Ton, Rough Terrain Crane

Mainstream's rough terrain crane can also be loaded on our sectional barges if needed. 

If you have any questions regarding our services, capabilities, or experience, please contact us